YMCA x Graphic Design/Screen Print mini class

I got involved with the YMCA to teach a mini workshop class on graphic design and screen printing. The concept of the class was to work with high school age students in creating screen prints with out the use of the computer to design them. Early great designers such as Art Chantry made amazing screen printed posters out of found images he would manipulate with a photocopier. I dug deep in some books I had and photocopied a TON of images and type for them to use. In the end the prints turned out great and the students got to learn a bit about graphic design and screen printing.

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Boxes of Death x Electric Coffin

Electric Coffin Studio had a group art show titled, Boxes of Death this winter. Duffy, the owner and all around cool guy made 50 mini coffins for all the artist to paint on. I struggled with mine at first. I didn’t know what I was going to paint on my coffin? In the end my concept is a tribute to the DEATH of SODO area while the MASSIVE tunnel dig is in process. The busses are a mess down there and traffic is crazy. I painted this beastly bat picking the bus and shaking people out of it. I also collect transfer tickets and used some to decorate the outside of my coffin with.

It was a HUGE show and was a blast to participate in it. My piece sold to a friend so I was happy about that.


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2012 PUSH art action x Division Street Skatepark Bend, Oregon

Early this year I was involved in the 2012 PUSH art action to raise money for a DIY skatepark in Bend, Oregon by the name of Division Street Skatepark. All the art that people created where to be put on skateboard decks. I have painted on skate decks in the past but wanted to try to make something different. With some help from my friend Jared and Sage we created this skateboard guitar shape. It turned out pretty cool! I even stung some guitar string through it. It can’t be tuned, but that would be next level. Surprisingly, the shape of the head of a guitar is similar to the nose and tail of a skateboard. I thought I was the first to do this, but another friend of mine told me The Surf Punks did that same thing and made it into an electric guitar!

The PUSH art action was a hit they raised over 12k and my piece sold to cool people that own a skateboard shop in Bend.

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Gimme Baby Robots – Seattle

I was involved in a group art show this last week, Gimme Baby Robots.

Super fun event! Then after party at the YEN WOR GAREN! Devo, WHIP IT!

Power Beast II, mixed media. Print and string on wood.

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Golden Elk sketch

My friend Tim was looking through some doodles in my sketch book and came across these deer antlers.

His new band, “Golden Elk” thought that this would be a good fit for a design.

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Marginal Way Skatepark x Spitefire Wheel

Really excited about the way this turned out. Spitefire approached us about doing a benefit wheel for Marginal Way. I worked with them on the art direction for the wheel graphic. It turned out really cool i think! Check the small detail of the Space Needle in the background. You can see it from the park! Marginal Way Skatepark has come along way since 2004. So many people do allot of work to help that place grow. Glad to be apart of a little piece of Seattle history.



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Kingdome cupcake

I was thinking how great it would be to make a Kingdome inspired cupcake. If so, this would be dedicated to Tom Peha. Let’s SKATE!

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